At MOSKA MURAD, we communicate transparently with our clients about our fees. All conditions will be agreed in advance.

Free initial consultation

We will provide the initial consultation needed to understand the facts of the case free of charge.

Hourly rate

The fee for providing legal services is primarily set at an hourly rate starting from EUR 145 excluding VAT. The minimum billing unit is 15 minutes.

Flat fee for specific acts

For specific acts (e.g. setting up a limited liability company) we can offer a flat fee.

Contract, advance and invoicing

We enter into a simple and short (2 A4) legal services contract with all clients which summarises the hourly rate, any retainer and other terms.

We generally require an advance payment from new clients.

We invoice monthly.

The out-of-court dispute resolution body for the clients – consumers is the Czech Bar Association based in Prague / e-mail:

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The website is a joint presentation of attorneys Matyáš Moska and Martin Murad, providing legal services independently. Each of them is insured in the event of liability for damages caused during the practice of law.

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