We are specialists in labour and residency (immigration) law. We advise employers and employees on employment law matters. We always apply our extensive experience in labour law with an expectation of the other party's potential strategy.

Employment law documentation

We will prepare for you:

  • employment contracts,
  • competition clauses,
  • agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship (FTE, FTE),
  • internal regulations,
  • salary guidelines and
  • ethical codes of conduct.

Court and administrative proceedings

We represent both employers and employees in court disputes, e.g. regarding invalidity of termination of employment, unpaid remuneration or unpaid severance pay, employer's claim for damages, etc.

We advise you on issues related to the Employment Act, the Labour Inspection Act or legislation on work safety. We represent employers when dealing with the Labour Inspectorate in connection with inspections.

Compliance, work safety, GDPR, non-discrimination

We will assist you in the preparation of work rules,salary guidelines and regulations on work safety. We will consult with you on the set-up of remuneration and company benefits schemes, including the optimal set-up of managerial positions.

In cooperation with experts in the field of tax and social security, personal data protection, intellectual property, we will advise you on employment law compliance in the broadest possible scope.

Termination of employment

We can advise you on the termination of employment relationships, whether for disciplinary or organisational reasons. We can advise you on termination of employment of an individual employee as well as on collective dismissals where a department or a major part of the employer will be closed. We regularly attend termination negotiations in person, both on the employer's side and on the employee's side.

Cooperation with freelancers

We will advise you on setting up business relationships with individual entrepreneurs (freelancers) to limit the risks of a possible requalification of a business relationship into an employment relationship to the greatest extent possible. We will advise on competition clauses for freelancers and explain the difference compared to competition clauses for employees under the Labour Code.

Coexistence of the employment relationship and exercise of office of the managing director

Managing director with only an employment contract when exercising office of the managing director? We have a better idea. Please ask for the advice in line with the current jurisprudence.

Employment law training

We are happy to provide you with specialized trainings and workshops on employment law topics tailored to your company.

Non-compete clause under the Labour Code

Are you an employer and want to withdraw from a non-compete clause, e.g. without giving a reason? The Labour Code alone will not give you answers. We closely follow the developing case law of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court in the matter of withdrawal from a non-compete clause by an employer.

Agency employment

We can advise you on how to set up the relationship between the employment agency, the user (employer) and the agency employee. We will prepare an employment contract between the agency and the agency employee, a temporary assignment agreement between the employment agency and the user employer.

Immigration law

We are specialists in employee mobility.

In immigration matters we advise companies and individuals on how to meet the conditions for residence and work in the Czech Republic. We provide support in obtaining visas and residency permits in the Czech Republic, e.g.

  • employee cards,
  • blue cards,
  • intra-corporate transfer cards,
  • permanent residence permits.

We can advise on employment contracts for foreigners, when posting employees to/from the Czech Republic within the group (intra-group posting of employees) and outside the group.

In cooperation with experts in the field of international taxation:

  • advise on tax residency of foreign individuals and residency for the purpose of health insurance and social security purposes
  • assess the conditions for creating a permanent establishment under the relevant double taxation treaty.

Examples of employment law advice for employees and employers:

  • representation of employees and employers before courts and administrative authorities,
  • Support in the field of foreigners' (residence) law, assistance in connection with obtaining and changing residence titles (employee card, blue card) of foreigners (foreign workers) and their family members for the purpose of staying in the Czech Republic,
  • preparation and assessment of employment, management and other contracts and their automation,
  • coexistence of the employment relationship and performance of the function of statutory body,
  • preparation and revision of the employer's work rules and internal regulations,
  • advising on termination of employment relationships, including aspects of collective redundancies and personal assistance in termination procedures,
  • agency employment (relations between agency workers, the agency and the user),
  • treatment of risks with respect to cooperation with the freelancers,
  • non-compete clauses for employees and freelancers.
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The website is a joint presentation of attorneys Matyáš Moska and Martin Murad, providing legal services independently. Each of them is insured in the event of liability for damages caused during the practice of law.

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